Ukraine – Poland: the international cooperation has continued

The position of the bar in society is defined by cooperation the bar and the State. On the one hand, an attorney could act as a barrister of government officials and local authorities, represent them in courts. On the other hand, he can also act as a barrister of the interests of an individual and the public. At the same time, the role of the bar as the justice system is an integral part of the functioning of a democratic state, therefore, a constructive relationship between judges and attorneys will lead to an effective execution of justice.

On September  06, 2017, under the sharing of experience between attorneys from Ukraine and Poland, the Kyiv Court of Appeal was visited by Polish lawyers, accompanied by the Ukrainian side. The delegation included Tomash Budlikovskiy,  Piotr Saviski, Andzhey Nogol, Piotr Osevich, Natalia Shalamacha and Natalia Mudrolyubova. During the visit, the delegation members got acquainted with the functioning of the judicial proceedings in Ukraine, structure and work of appeal courts as a whole, and the Kyiv Court of Appeal in particular.Poland

The guests were introduced the work of the judiciary of the Kyiv Court of Appeal, and the staff of the court aimed at managing judicial chambers. Distinguished delegates were told about the peculiarities of the court hearings of civil cases, criminal proceedings, administrative proceedings. The video conferencing system operated in the Kyiv Court of Appeal, and the external exchange of information between the court and other public institutions also have not been left behind.

At the end of the visit, the Polish delegation visited the museum of the Kyiv Court of Appeal that was established at the court to preserve documents, materials, evidence of the ways of court organization and court proceedings development in Ukraine and the Kyiv Court of Appeal in particular.

We hope that the visit will mark the beginning of a constructive dialogue and an exchange of experience in the judicial proceedings.

The press service of the Kyiv Court of Appeal informed