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The principle of transparency is one of the fundamental principles of the activities of public authorities and an integral part of the functioning of a democratic state.

On June 27, 2014, Ukraine signed an agreement on association with the European Union calling for the right of access to public information. The relevant legislation supports the transparency and openness of state bodies and establishes a mechanism for realizing the right of every person to access to public information.

The level of information transparency assumes the considerable importance for the legal system. This observation is underscored by current practice and results of the numerous researches in the sphere of the openness of information.

Therefore on September 29, 2017, the public organization «Platform Human Rights» with the assistance of the Council of Europe’s project «Strengthening Freedom of Media and Establishing a Public Broadcasting System in Ukraine» presented the results of the monitoring courts website. The monitoring was aimed at the compliance of websites of courts with the national legislation on access to public information.  


The best result was demonstrated by the Kyiv Court of Appeal on the ranking list of the informational transparency of websites of appeal courts in the nomination «Open court – 2017».  Tetiana Frych and Halyna Balatska, judges of the judicial chamber on criminal cases of the Kyiv Court of Appeal, had the honor to present the court and received the special award.  


As a result of the proactive role of the president of the Kyiv Court of Appeal in improving the transparency and openness of the court to individuals and well coordinated work of court staff, the court won this award.


This analysis was first implemented on the basis of the Methodology for assessing the level of access to public information by the authorities. During the monitoring, it was determined whether the content of the official websites and web pages of the courts of appeal level, the Supreme Court of Ukraine and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine comply with the provisions of legal acts regulating the issues of access to information about the activities of state bodies.


The research was carried out using well-established parameters that include: completeness and relevance of information, the convenience of navigating through websites, the format in which messages are posted, electronic services, technical parameters of sites, and the presence/absence of negative content.



Informational transparency and outreach activities are among the priorities of the Kyiv Court of Appeal’s activity, therefore, the president of the Kyiv Court of Appeal and court staff do not stop at the reached and will continue to increase the informational transparency of the court.

The press service of the Kyiv Court of Appeal informed