Ukraine – Germany: successful steps towards European and international standards of justice

International cooperation is one of the most important directions of the Kyiv Court of Appeal’s activities.

In order to establish cooperation with international organizations, the Kyiv Court of Appeal’s leadership aspires to develop close relations with foreign countries to exchange experience and modern technology in all sectors through shared projects and workshops.

Since the productive visit of German colleagues to the Kyiv Court of Appeal at the end of March this year, cooperation between the judicial bodies of both European countries has continued.

The delegation of judges of the Kyiv Court of Appeal paid a return visit to courts of Lower Saxony (Germany) to learn from the experience of the Higher Regional Court’s activities as well as to discuss topical problems related to justice.


The Ukrainian delegation was led by Viktor Hlynianyi, vice-president of the Kyiv Court of Appeal, and included Hryhorii Usyk, the secretary of the judicial chamber on civil cases, Olena Mazuryk, Liudmyla Makhlai, Shebuieva Viktoriia, Antonina Pikul, judges of the judicial chamber on civil cases, and Olha Yurdyha, Iryna Silkova, Mykola Yashchenko, Ivan Mosondz, judges of the judicial chamber on criminal cases.

The visit was organized by the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation, the consistent partner of the Kyiv Court of Appeal, with which it had conducted the Ukrainian-German working meetings in order to share professional judicial experience. These meetings provide judges and court staff of the Kyiv Court of Appeal with an opportunity to study features and organization of judicial proceedings, as well as to observe innovations and legal culture of a different country.

The professional meeting took place in the Higher Regional Court of Oldenburg The Ukrainian delegation was kindly received by Anke van Hove, the president of the Higher Regional Court, and Hellen Hahne, the representative of the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation.

At the time of the opening of the meeting, Anke van Hove noted the importance of such visits for supporting international cooperation between two European countries.


The welcoming statement was made by Viktor Hlynianyi, Vice President of the Kyiv Court of Appeal, who noted the value of such visits to help exchange knowledge and experience in the legal field.

Viktor Hlynianyi reported the state of the judicial reform in Ukraine and provided a general overview of contemporary developments in the areas of justice in Ukraine to German colleagues.

A number of problematic issues were brought up on the agenda. The discussion focused on two main subjects: «The role of the prosecutor during the pre-trial investigation» and «Justice and mass media».


During the round-table meeting, parties were able to discuss the acute issues of judicial process in the two countries and hear the informative presentations made by Ukrainian and German judges in the framework of the visit.



Furthermore, the Ukrainian side attended hearings in courts of Oldenburg.

At the end of the professional meeting, German colleagues gave each representative of the Ukrainian delegation a practical commentary and a translation of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Federal Republic of Germany. This practical commentary was issued with the support of the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation, to share the example of the best international experience.


The judges of the Kyiv Court of Appeal who were members of the delegation are grateful to German colleagues for their hospitality and the substantive meeting that was practical in the context of sharing the experience of the reform of national justice system. Such meetings are the most effective mechanism to increase the quality of the administration of justice. The international experience convinces us that the сourt’s participation in the exploration of ways to improve their work is an inalienable condition of positive change in the judiciary.


Taking into account the best experience of the European courts, the Kyiv Court of Appeal headed by Yaroslav Holovachov carries on and strives to make greater use of the positive foreign practice to bring the Ukrainian system of justice closer to the European and international standards.

The press service of the Kyiv Court of Appeal informed