Olha Yurdyha, judge of the judicial chamber on criminal cases at the Kyiv Court of Appeal, took part in a seminar on combating corruption offences

On November 06, 2017, a seminar on «The acute issues and methodologies to identify corruption-related offences. The cooperation of law enforcement bodies in administrative processes» was held in the Department of Economic Protection of the National Police of Ukraine for police officers of territorial departments.

The list of invitees included the speaker and judge of the judicial chamber on criminal cases at the Kyiv Court of Appeal Olha Yurdyha.


This seminar was held in the format of a 3D view: members of the judiciary, representatives of the prosecutor’s office and lawyers had expressed the view of the most problematic issues related to corruption offences.


During the seminar, participants were able to discuss not only the practical application of the rules of procedural law, but also the problems faced by police officers in detecting offenses and ways to resolve them.

We are convinced that combating corruption offences can produce substantial results only if it is based on state legislation, scientific grounds, systematic approach and on its effective organization. Consequently, such events are significant not only because it is topical, but also because it highlights the ability of the Ukrainian professional community to accept the challenges of social problems and develop ways to overcome them qualitatively.


The press service of the Kyiv Court of Appeal informed