The cross-country judicial dialogue: judges of the Kyiv Court of Appeal took part in the Intellectual Property Judges Forum

The rapid growth of the importance and value of intellectual activity in the economic and social development of societies, the claim of the intellectual property rights as a critical factor in the success of modern high-technology enterprises and the increase their competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets pose a problem for the establishment a sustainable and effective security and protection of the rights to the objects of intellectual property.

The current problems of intellectual property rights protection are especially crucial to exchange information and experience among judges from different countries in the context of the acceleration of scientific and technological progress and increase cross-border use of objects of intellectual property. The task of the courts is to provide effective mechanisms for the protection the rights and lawful interests, it is up to the courts to be an important driving force for the jurisdictional settlement of intellectual property rights. These and other questions became the motion for the inaugural Intellectual Property Judges Forum which was held recently at the headquarters of WIPO in Geneva (the Swiss Confederation).

More than 100 judges from 64 countries gathered at WIPO’s headquarters in Geneva for the first-ever Intellectual Property Judges Forum, which aims to provide a platform for judges to share expertise on the most pressing intellectual property (IP) challenges raised by accelerating innovation and the cross-border use of IP.

Olena Lapchevska, Nataliia Polishchuk and Viktoriia Sokolova, the judges of the judicial chamber on civil cases at the Kyiv Court of Appeal, also participated in the Forum.

Panel discussions topics during the meeting included emerging issues in patents, trademarks, and copyright. The remedies for online IP infringement and the judicial role in assessing public interest considerations in IP were also noted.

On the agenda were the important questions relating to the specialization of courts in the IP field and the role of the judiciary in the assessment of public interests in the IP field.

It is gratifying to note that Viktoriia Sokolova, the judge of the judicial chamber on civil cases at the Kyiv Court of Appeal, made an informative report at the Forum. The speaker reported to the participants on the jurisdiction of the courts of Ukraine for dealing with cases related to the protection of intellectual property rights, also outlined problematic issues of such cases and identified possible solutions. In addition, the judge of the judicial chamber on civil cases at the Kyiv Court of Appeal familiarized participants at the Forum with the process of the establishment of the High Court on Intellectual Property of Ukraine and its role in the justice system.

Participation in these international gatherings is important to raise awareness of international law among judges and to enhance communication between judges from different countries. The Forum is part of WIPO’s new focus on the judicial administration of IP to engage judges from around the world as they share experiences on the common challenges they face and discuss new subject matters and concepts as they arise.

The press service of the Kyiv Court of Appeal informed