Expanding opportunities for friendly cooperation: judges of the Kyiv Court of Appeal adopted the experience of establishing effective communication from German colleagues

Ukraine has made a clear choice in favor of European integration. The European vector means that the EU legislation is the horizon to which Ukraine seeks to approach. And the judiciary is not exception.

In order to ensure the effective functioning of the court, effective communication is needed to solve the administrative tasks of the court and to bring Ukrainian justice closer to European standards.

So, for the purpose of discussing the actual problems in the field of justice activities, during the period from December 11 to December 14, 2018, the judges of the Kyiv Court of Appeal, visited the Higher Regional Court Oldenburg (Federal Republic of Germany) in the framework of the Project implemented by the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation.


The working visit of Ukrainian judges to Germany was another step towards sustained international cooperation, which was launched in late October 2015.

The purpose of the regular meeting was to strengthen partnerships and exchange positive experiences in the area of establishing constructive ties with media representatives, in order to increase confidence in the judiciary and improve the image of the judiciary through channels of communication in the eyes of the public.

The Ukrainian delegation included: the judges of the chamber on consideration of civil cases of the Kyiv Court of Appeal Vitaly Salihov, Olena Shakhova, Valentina Ratnikova, Irina Verbova, Valentina Kravets and the judges of the chamber on consideration of criminal cases of the Kyiv Court of Appeal Tamara Yudenko, Ivan Rybak, Valery Lashevich, Tetyana Rosik and Alexander Kiyashko.

According to the program of counter visit, the Ukrainian delegation visited the Higher Regional Court Oldenburg, where they were kindly hosted  by the President of the Court, Mrs. Anke van Hove and Vice President, Dr. Michael Codde.

During the meeting, the representatives of both sides were expected by a professional communication on the main elements of the organization and implementation of media relations in the courts of Germany and the possibility of implementing its best features in the domestic practice. At a round table, in a very friendly atmosphere, the parties were able to give time to discuss the pressing problems of legal proceedings of both countries and to listen to meaningful presentations of Ukrainian and German judges in the framework of the topic of the meeting.

The Ukrainian side, moreover, had the opportunity to observe the resonant litigation in the criminal case of Niels Högel, which was held in the Higher Regional Court Oldenburg.

Such meetings are perhaps the most effective mechanism for introducing a high-level administration of justice in the light of the strategy of European integration. Thus, the Kyiv Court of Appeal expresses its deep gratitude to the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation for facilitating the organization of the visit and the opportunity to exchange experience with German colleagues.


The Press Service of the Kyiv Court of Appeal informs