Communication comes first

Communication of representatives of the judicial system with the public, the media, an open dialogue of the servants of Themis with society is the path to the development of an independent and effective judiciary in Ukraine.

In order to establish an effective communication of the court, in accordance with the provisions of the justice sector reform strategy 2015-2020 and Recommendations of the international conference “Strengthening confidence in the judiciary through improving communication”, at the regular meeting of judges of the Kyiv Court of Appeal, convened on February 1, 2019 on the initiative of the President of the Court Yaroslav Holovachov, speaker-judges has been elected.


These judges are authorized to cover the official position on behalf of the court, participate in public events involving the media, as well as carry out other powers aimed at implementing the communication strategy of the court.

Consequently, Borys Levenets, Olena Lapchevska, Liudmyla Sushko, Oksana Rudnichenko, Tetiana Frych and Olha Yurdyha are vested with such powers in the Kyiv Court of Appeal.






At the same time, the Kyiv Court of Appeal carries out its activities openly and considers it one of the priorities to establish effective communication with the society, because this is the first step towards increasing confidence in the judiciary.


The Press Service of the Kyiv Court of Appeal informs