Access to public information

In democratic countries there is a necessity of ensuring of the right to access to an information which is owned by the bodies of state authority, notably to access to public information. In order that democratic society met the principles of democraticy, its members should have an access to an information as regards the process of decision the questions, directly connected with their interests. In fact, the bodies of state authority make decision and carry out the policy on behalf of citizens and their activity should be accountable. Thus, the state should  ensure an access of citizens to public information by a passive and active method, which provides not only the duty of information presentation about activity of the bodies of state  authority but also provision the citizens of public information on their demand.

The Law of Ukraine «On access to public information» created a mechanism for control of the bodies of state authority and gave a right to access of citizens to public information.

Realization of a right on access to public information is one of important tasks for Ukrainian civil society and legal state. The approval of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the Law «On access to public information» became an important step in the field of observance of constitutional rights and freedoms of people and citizens in Ukraine. The feature of an access to public information is acquisition of the bodies of power, including judicial openness and transparency for citizens, that diminishes a possibility of abuses and violations considerably.

Exactly motion towards the bodies of power and society will become a basis of success in realization of a right for citizens on access to public information. According to the Law of Ukraine the public information is open, with the exception of  cases, established by a law. Information with the limited access also is public, and the action of Law covers it. An access to such information can be limited on condition of compliance with the requirements of the Law.

According to the Order of the Minister of Justice of Ukraine «On approval of forms for the making a request for the receipt of public information of May 26, 2011 as per No. 1434/5 the forms of requests for the receipt of public information are approved.